RMMV Plugin: Line of Sight Detector

Hello, fellow RPG makers! This is the first plugin I ever made, finally releasing it to the public!

RMMV Plugins


I've heard it all before. I know. "She's in a better place." And, "This is all a part of a master plan." "Life is but a dream". I got it. I got it!!! It all basically says that it's a natural part of life. I guess we should just accept it, right? That's it? I get it. Here's the thing. It's all just bullshit because she's never going to bloody hug me again. We'll never wink at each other when we're doing something naughty. God didn't have a special plan for her, she was in a car accident. That's all.

Hell of a movie...

The Twitter Bio

Today I'm here to talk about a small, albeit rather important, part of being the public face of a business or brand: Your Twitter Bio. After all, people will link what you say with your company, whether you're the CEO, a tech guy or the social media manager. This isn't a bad thing, however, don't feel like you need to change, it's your personal Twitter account, after all. But, you can always improve.

She's Gaga, she doesn't need a bio.

The First Job

I never thought I'd end up in an office. Waking up at the same time every day, going to the same place, doing the same things, getting back home, rinse and repeat. The soft noise of the AC for 8 hours each day, the same people, the same conversations... If you ask me, or rather if you had asked me a year ago, that's a recipe for disaster. Actually, I still believe it is. It's definitely not meant for everyone. I dread the thought of being stuck in a box for the rest of my life, in exchange for a paycheck every fortnight. Well, at least I got paid every fortnight.

The Ones We Lose

There was no epic win to end the season, there was no Xmas miracle. Sacrificing a goat to Odin - and bathing in it's blood - doesn't always work, sometimes the Hand of Fate can't be forced. And, yet again, if you knew it was nearly impossible to win, if you prepared for it, it doesn't have to be too bad. You gave it your best, at the very least, you won't ever wonder if it could've happened. Move on.

We've all been here...