November 29, 2012

Zygor Guides 4.0.5473

I'm having a WoW break lately and that's why I've not been updating the guides as often as before, truth be told I'm considering dropping WoW altogether, it's been a while now and Pandaria didn't make it in my heart :P

Download here!

I'll keep trying to update this from time to time (like just now, for the new patch 5.1).

PD: Someone tell Blizzard there is much more in the game than dailies.


TaNo said...

Hi.. thanks for your uploads.. I see that u're quitting this.. Can u please upload the tomorrow update.. Couse in zygor changelog I seen that this version (4.0.5473) has not been yet upgraded for 5.1 patch.. this is the last version before 5.1 zygor guide upgrade..

Anyway, the new version by now (Nov 30th) is 4.0.5486..

In the same changelog, I quote whate they says:
"[H] Reps/Dailies
Added more content for the Dominance Offensive. Should be completed with all quests by tomorrow's release."

So, I guess that tomorrow will be a new update of Zygor Guide, with more complete steps of new Faction..

Can u so upload the tomorrow ZG version? Thank you very much.. this addon is the best thing made ever!!! and I hope u reconsider to play.. I know is not all dailys, but the good thing is that are not eternals.. I already get exalted with almost all mop factions, so I won't do any more quest of exalted reputations (maybe in a far tomorrow, when I'll need coins to exchange :P)..

Bastian said...

Thank you for all and i would tell you please stay and keep uploading, but you are right, blizz has make a bad move in dailies, they consume a lot of time that could be spent in other things.

Thank you very much for all you got my respect if you care! ;)

matt nguyen said...

thank you for all you're post. thank you seriously

Daniel Morais said...

Thanks for the upload, gratz from brazil

Exoceb said...

i totally understand you, especially the Thing with the annoying Daylies.... its the Main Reason i am playing up every alt i am interested in, hoping they are changing something Big on this.

But anyways, Thank you, an all you other Guys for sharing !

ComLand Design said...

Lol version from EPVP and KAT its not pirated ;) its my own copy of Zygor

ComLand Design said...

Ya and its live now

ComLand Design said...

You right $350 vs waiting few hours (depend of region time)

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