October 17, 2010

Zygor's Guide 2.0.1410 and Dugi's Guide 10/17/2010

The Zygor's Guide I uploaded yesterday was updated (apparently yesterday xD) this is the lastest version.

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And here's Dugi's Guide latest version, released today. (Includes professions and talents guides!)

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ryanswan said...

Zid, you rock!

Zids said...

Thanks :P I try to help, they charge too much for those guides xD

Bokrin said...

dude you rock :D
sharing is caring ^_^
btw maybe you have some payment contacts? :D
I guess you desrve shiny moneyz :P

Zids said...

No money for me xD I don't like the advertising on the site :P

Anonymous said...

do you still have Dugi's Guide 10/17/2010 ?